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"I like checking my email now."
- Jordon Davis

"Great job, it makes reading my email less of a drudge again!"
- Kenneth Wortley

"I could't afford to let legitimate email hide amongst the daily barrage of time-wasting spam. It's made email useable again."
- Arborbrace Tree Staking Systems West

"I no longer fear the inbox! Thank you SpamBully!"
- John Dames, Coreaudiovisual

"SpamBully has saved me the hassle of having to weed through dozens of spam e-mails on a daily basis, and has given me the satisfaction of knowing that I'm gradually falling off of spammers lists."
- Anthony M.

"At last, I don't need to move or delete spam emails individually."
- Frank Hutterer

""Good spam control!""
- Howard McClernon

"I installed it a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't allowed one item of spam into my inbox. I am very impressed."
- Marie Markham

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the system. I get 99.67% accuracy out of 75-100 received mails per day. Especially, I am happy you don't use the system with a centralized database that everybody updates. When I did that I got a lot of good mails treated as spam. Yours works perfectly."
- Per Bressendorff, Copenhagen, Denmark

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