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Features and Requirements
Basic information about the software.
Install and Setup
How to download,install,setup and register the software.
How to use each software feature.
How to change various parameters of the software.
Interactive tutorials on using certain aspects of the software.
Solutions for various software issues.
The answers to commonly asked questions.

Saved Articles

Allow/Block List

Analyze links

Bayesian Filter

Block Countries

Block Languages


Challenge Email

Check IE Favorites

Check IE History

Contacts List

Feature Analysis and Effectiveness

Friends List


RBL Sites

Spam Bully Features Overview

Spammers List

System Requirements

Adding a Hotmail, IMAP, or Exchange folder to check automatically on each mail check.




Setup Wizard

Friends/Spammers List Button

Message Details Button

Not Spam Button

Scan Folder Button

Spam Bully Menu

Spam Button

Train Filter Button

Allow/Block List

Block Attachments

Block Countries

Block Languages

Bounce Email

Challenge Email

Check Folders

Customize Filter

Delete Spam


RBL Sites

User Interface

Checking a Hotmail, IMAP, or Exchange folder automatically.

Entering your registration code.

Setup Wizard Tutorial

Spam Bully Basics

Spam Bully Basics WalkThrough

Spam Bully Message Rule

A friend or company email is being incorrectly categorized as spam. How do I fix it?

A Newsletter is being miscategorized as spam. How do I fix it?

Bounce isn't working for me, how do I fix it?

I am checking an Exchange, IMAP, or Hotmail Account and having problems. How do I fix it?

I am getting error messages. My email program is shutting down or acting erratically. What is wrong?

I am having a problem with Spam Bully. How do I fix it?

I can see the Spam Bully toolbar in Outlook Express, but my messages are not being filtered. How do I fix it?

I can't access a mail folder or Spam Bully is no longer moving mail with the spam button. What is wrong?

I Can't Install Spam Bully, I am receiving error messages. How do I fix it?

I have several message rules in Outlook Express and Spam Bully is not properly filtering messages that are filtered by other message rules. How do I fix it?

I lost my reg code. What do I do?

I recently upgraded to Office Service Pack 3 (SP3) in Outlook XP/2002 and a Popup keeps occurring on each mail check. How do I fix it?

I removed the Spam Bully menu from the toolbar. How do I get it back?

I untrained my filter and now it doesn't work as good. How do I get the old filter back?

I'm using Outlook and while Spam Bully is correctly identifying spam messages, it isn't moving them into the spam folder.

Mail I send to myself is tagged as spam. What is wrong?

My reg code is not working. What is the problem?

Spam Bully is not properly filtering my email, I am getting too many false positives or negatives, how do I retrain my filter?

Spam Bully toolbar or buttons have disappeared in Outlook. How do I fix it?

Do you offer phone support?

Does Spam Bully work with IMAP, POP, Hotmail, and Exchange accounts?

How can I make Spam Bully not move messages when I click the spam or not spam buttons?

How do I backup what spam bully has learned or copy the settings to another computer?

How do I block tracking features contained in some email messages to maintain my privacy?

How do I quickly and permanently delete spam from the spam folder?

How do I set Spam Bully to automatically delete spam messages?

How do I tell if bounce is working?

How do I uninstall Spam Bully?

How do I update Outlook Express with the latest version?

How do I update Outlook with the latest service packs?

I have an email address that never receives spam. Can I set it to always bypass spam bully filtering?

I have version 1 of Spam Bully, What enhancements do I get if I upgrade to version 2?

What is a bayesian filter? What does Spam Bully's bayesian filter analyze?

Where does the spam go?

Will Spam Bully work with Eudora, Incredimail, AOL Mail, Pegasus mail, Netscape mail, or XYZ mail client?

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