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1.) To install Spam Bully launch the setup file that you downloaded from the website at by double clicking it.

2.) A setup program will open to install Spam Bully. Click "Next" to continue.

3.) Read and accept the license agreement,  then click "Next" to continue.

4.) Install the application to the default directory or choose the directory you wish to install it to by clicking Browse if you do not want to install it to the default directory. Click "Next" to continue.

5.) Click "Next" to continue or go back if you wish to change something with the setup.

6.) The program will then install Spam Bully.  Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

7.) You can now launch Outlook or Outlook Express and a Spam Bully toolbar will appear in in the toolbar.  The first time you launch your email client, a Setup Wizard for Spam Bully will run which will customize Spam Bully to your email messages and accounts. 

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