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Friends/Spammers List Button

Friends/Spammers List – Contains your Friends, Challenge, and Spammers’ email lists and management tools.


a.)    Friend – This allows you to move someone from the Spammers list to the Friends list. 

      (Usage: Highlight an email in the spammers list and click the “Friend” button.)


b.)    Spammer - This allows you to move someone from the Friends list to the Spammers list. 

      (Usage: Highlight an email in the Friends list and click the “Spammer” button.)


c.)    Add – This allows you to add a Friend or Spammer to one of your lists.

      (Usage: Highlight a user in the list you want to add someone to and then type in the email and optionally the name of the user in the proper field.)


d.)    Delete – This allows you to delete a Friend or Spammer from one of your lists.

      (Usage: Highlight that user then click the “delete” button.)


e.)    Import – This allows you to import a list of names and emails into either your friends list or spammers list. 

      (Usage: To import a list it needs to be in the format "Name of User" <email address>.  An example of a list would be:


      “John Smith” <>

“Mary Smith” <>

“Jack Simms” <>


Once you have your list in a text file in this format,  simply select one of the lists by highlighting a name in that list.  Click on the “Import” button.  Select your text file which contains the list and click Open and the list will be imported.)


f.)      Export – This allows you to export a list of users from one of your lists.

      (Usage:  Select a user in one of the lists and then click the “Select All” button to select all users in that list.  Click on the “Export” button and select where you want to save that list and what you want to name the file.  The list is exported in the same format as the import list as mentioned above "Name of User" <email address>.  )


g.)    Select All – Selects all entries in a particular list. 

      (Usage: Highlight a user in the list you want to select and click the “Select All” button.)


h.)    Hide/Show Lists - This allows you to show or hide the Challenge list.  This is useful for users not making use of Challenge emails.  They can simply hide this list from view to make things simpler. (Note: Outlook Express has no challenge feature so this button does not exist.)

      (Usage: Click the “Hide/Show Lists” button.)


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