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Not Spam Button

Not Spam - Not Spam allows you to mark the selected message as good. (To change the default action of the not spam button hold down the "CTRL" key and select the option you want set as default by highlighting the menu option and clicking the left mouse button.)


a.) Learn - Will train Spam Bully's Bayesian filter to identify this email as good email in the future.


b.) Add to Friends list - This will add the email address of the selected message to your Friends list.  In the future emails from this user will bypass all Spam Bully filtering.


c.) Add domain to Friends list - This will add an entire domain name of the email address of the selected message to your friends list.  In the future emails from this domain will bypass all spam bully filtering. (For example: If you receive a message from and you wanted to allow all emails from any user at to bypass the Spam Bully filter, you could add the entire domain to your Friends list by selecting this option.  Now any email address from domain will automatically bypass Spam Bully’s filters.


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