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Do you offer phone support?
At this time, we offer support through our forum, email contact form and live support chat button only. ...
Last Modified: 2003-12-16 Number of views: 1279
Does Spam Bully work with IMAP, POP, Hotmail, and Exchange accounts?
Yes. For more information on setting up Spam Bully to work automatically with these account types, see the information on configuring IMAP, Hotmail, or Exchange in the "Setup...
Last Modified: 2003-10-21 Number of views: 3999
How can I make Spam Bully not move messages when I click the spam or not spam buttons?
1. Go to the Spam Bully menu and select Conigure Options. 2. Select General. 3. Uncheck "Move message on Not Spam Button Press".  4. Uncheck "Move message on Spam B...
Last Modified: 2003-11-10 Number of views: 1745
How do I backup what spam bully has learned or copy the settings to another computer?
Your data files are contained in a special location and are separate for each user on your computer.  These files remain intact between reinstalls of spam bully. The...
Last Modified: 2004-02-17 Number of views: 1534
How do I block tracking features contained in some email messages to maintain my privacy?
The best way to block tracking features is to change a few of the settings in your email client. In Outlook: Method 1:  Go to Tools > Options > Preferences tab &g...
Last Modified: 2004-03-24 Number of views: 1161
How do I quickly and permanently delete spam from the spam folder?
1. Go to the Spam folder. 2. Select all messages with CTRL-A . 3. Press SHIFT-DELETE to permanently delete all messages.  Once this is done you can not get the me...
Last Modified: 2004-01-13 Number of views: 1813
How do I set Spam Bully to automatically delete spam messages?
You can set Outlook to automatically delete spam messages older than a certain date. Outlook Method 1: Spam Bully menu > Configure Spam Bully > Delete Spam optionCheck...
Last Modified: 2004-03-10 Number of views: 1714
How do I tell if bounce is working?
The easiest way to tell if bounce is working is to send yourself an email and then bounce it.  You should shortly receive a bounced email which will show you exactly what...
Last Modified: 2003-10-21 Number of views: 2627
How do I uninstall Spam Bully?
1. Close Outlook or Outlook Express. 2. Remove Spam Bully from the Windows Add/Remove Program Files located in the windows control panel. (Note:  If you tried to remove...
Last Modified: 2004-01-13 Number of views: 2107
How do I update Outlook Express with the latest version? Visit the above link and follow the directions from Microsoft...
Last Modified: 2003-10-21 Number of views: 2117
How do I update Outlook with the latest service packs? Visit the link and follow the instructions from microsoft....
Last Modified: 2003-10-21 Number of views: 734
I have an email address that never receives spam. Can I set it to always bypass spam bully filtering?
Yes you can.  Simply add the email address that never receives spam to your allow list. To access your allow list go to the "Spam Bully" menu > Configure Spam Bully...
Last Modified: 2004-08-13 Number of views: 1029
I have version 1 of Spam Bully, What enhancements do I get if I upgrade to version 2?
Please see .  Each new item has a new or improved icon to denote any changes.  Take a look at the screenshots on this page...
Last Modified: 2004-01-13 Number of views: 1173
What is a bayesian filter? What does Spam Bully's bayesian filter analyze?
A Bayesian filter is a type of spam filter that looks at the probabilities of words and html tags that appear in an email message.  If the message is a spam message, it w...
Last Modified: 2004-07-11 Number of views: 2397
Where does the spam go?
The spam messages are placed in a spam folder located in the root of your local folders.  Local Folders/Spam in Outlook Express and Personal Folders/Spam in outlook. ...
Last Modified: 2004-02-01 Number of views: 1036
Will Spam Bully work with Eudora, Incredimail, AOL Mail, Pegasus mail, Netscape mail, or XYZ mail client?
No, Spam Bully currently only works with Outlook and Outlook Express. At this time, we have no plans to develop for other mail clients....
Last Modified: 2003-12-15 Number of views: 994