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Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard runs the first time you install Spam Bully.  It helps customize Spam Bully to your own email account.  You may re-run the setup wizard at any time by selecting the "Train" menu and "Run Setup Wizard" from the menu options.  The Setup Wizard may take a long time to run if you have a lot of email messages to learn from, so you may want to run the wizard when you have no other important work that needs to be done.  (Screenshots show Outlook version, there may be slight differences in the Outlook Express version)

1. First select your native language from the pull-down menu. Optionally you can import your version 1 Spam Bully settings if you are upgrading from a previous version of Spam Bully.   Click "Next" to continue.


2. Next, you will be asked if you want Spam Bully to scan your sent items to gather email addresses from users you have responded to in the past.  Then to search your other folders looking for messages to learn from these users.  If you are checking an Exchange account you may want to select "Don't process public folders" to prevent Spam Bully from trying to learn from messages in all the public folders on your Exchange server. Click "Next" to continue. (There is no option for exchange folders in the Outlook Express version. The folder name is referred to as Local Folders instead of Personal Folders.)

3. Next, select any folders that contain ONLY good emails, that you would like Spam Bully to learn from.  This will help train the Bayesian filter what to consider as good email.  If you wish to add a folder or folders select "Add".

4. A dialog box will allow you to add as many folders as you would like to be learned as good email.  After selecting the desired folder or folders click the OK button to continue.  Then Click "Next" to continue.

5. Spam Bully will then show the folders it will learn as spam.  If there are any folders that also contain good email you should unselect them now. 

If you have enough spam messages to learn from you will no longer need to use the default spam dictionary that is included with Spam Bully. (NOTE: This option will only display if spam bully has determined you have enough messages to avoid the default dictionary.) Click "Next" to continue.

6.  Spam Bully provides a summary of what it is about to learn.  If everything looks cprrect, click "Next" to continue.  Please be aware that the learning process could take several hours depending on how many email messages must be learned.

7.  The progess bar for learning messages will now popup.  It gives an estimated time until it is finished with the current folder and an estimated time until total completion.  If you need to cancel the operation, you can re-run the setup process later from the "Train" menu.  Please be aware that Spam Bully will not be very effective until the setup wizard has run atleast one time. 

8. Setup has completed its learning process.  You can now click "Close"  or click the "Tutorial" button to learn the basics of how to use Spam Bully.

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