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Topics in the Configure category
Allow/Block List
Allow/Block List  Lets you to add words and phrases that are always allowed or always blocked by Spam Bully.  (NOTE: By blocked we mean moved to the spam folde...
Last Modified: 2004-08-13 Number of views: 1774
Block Attachments
Block Attachments (Outlook version only) Allows you to block a file attached to an email if the file extension matches the type you have put a check mark by to blo...
Last Modified: 2004-03-04 Number of views: 1816
Block Countries
Block Countries Allows you to block emails originating from certain countries. Countries are broken down in the country table by Continent and Country.  To block an ent...
Last Modified: 2004-01-15 Number of views: 1350
Block Languages
Block Languages Allows you to block messages based on character language sets that the messages were written in.  Helps you block those spam messages you sometimes rece...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 1098
Bounce Email
Bounce Email This option allows you to make adjustments to the bounce message that is sent.  It is not necessary to edit this option, but is made available to advanced ...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 6838
Challenge Email
Challenge Email (Outlook only) Is an email that is sent to an unknown user that has passed through Spam Bully's Bayesian filter but is not yet in your Friends list.  An...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 1484
Check Folders
Check Folders   Allows you to set the folders to be checked on each send and receive that Outlook or Outlook Express performs.  This is particularly useful if you a...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 1475
Customize Filter
Customize Filter   Allows you to set Spam Bully to a preset filter level.  Each level has various combinations of filtering mechanisms.  In general, it is best...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 3814
Delete Spam
Delete Spam (Outlook Only) Allows you to set the time frame for deleting messages in you Spam folder.  It also allows you to decide whether you would rather store the i...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 1826
General Allows you to configure some general miscellaneous settings in Spam Bully.   a.)    Mark all spam as read (Outlook Express Hotmail, IMAP Only...
Last Modified: 2004-02-04 Number of views: 1476
RBL Sites
RBL Sites - Allows you to configure Realtime Blackhole Lists which look for open relay servers which are responsible for sending a lot of the spam messages you may be receivin...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 2005
User Interface
User Interface Allows you to make changes to the default language and the Spam Bully toolbar.  Spam Bully supports multiple languages for the interface.   a.)&nb...
Last Modified: 2004-01-29 Number of views: 867