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Spam - Allows you to mark a selected message as spam. (To change the default action of the Spam button hold down the "CTRL" key and select the option you want set as default by highlighting the menu option and clicking the left mouse button.)


a.)    Learn - Will train Spam Bully's Bayesian filter to identify this email as spam in the future.


b.)    Add to Spammers list - Will add the email address of the selected message to your Spammers list.  In the future emails from this user will will be automatically sent to the Spam folder.


c.)    Add domain to Spammers list - Will add the entire domain of the email address of the selected message to your Spammers list.  In the future, emails from this domain will automatically be blocked. (For example: If you receive a message from and you wanted to block all emails from any user at, you could add the entire domain to your spammers list by selecting this option.  Now any email address from the domain will automatically be blocked by Spam Bully’s filters.


(NOTE: Be careful how you use this feature.  Blocking an entire domain like may have unwanted consequences of also catching email from friends with yahoo accounts or from receiving information that you wanted from yahoo or yahoo stores.)


d.)    Bounce – Bounces messages you select.  Bouncing can help to reduce spam from more legitimate spammers with at least semi-permanent spamming operations.  When these types of spamming operations receive a bounced message they may remove your email from their list to limit bandwidth costs of mailing out messages to accounts that they think no longer exist.  This feature will have no effect on spam from spammers who fake their email address or who continually change there mailing operations.  This type of spammer is the most common currently.


e.)    Punish – Loads the web pages in a spam email message a certain number of times.  Since nothing is being bought from these visits it could minimally increase the bandwidth costs to the spammer without any increase in revenue. 



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