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Analyze links

Analyze links:


Effectiveness: Medium


Advantages:  Can effectively filter messages that may only contain an html link.  This has the potential to catch more spam messages.


How it works: Performs a Bayesian analysis of the links in email messages. Spam Bully reviews the content on the web pages these links go to and determine if the email is spam.  This is helpful in analyzing messages that may only contain a link to a website. Spam Bully follows these web links to determine if the message is spam or not.


Limitations: This process can be slow as each message must be scanned for links and then the web page or pages must be retrieved and processed.


Recommendations:  We recommend enabling this feature only if Spam Bully is not effectively filtering your messages.  You should also have a high speed connection.  If you have a slow connection, you can test it for speed and effectiveness at reducing your spam.

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