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Spam Bully Menu

Spam Bully – This menu contains the options to configure Spam Bully, receive help, register, contact us and see your statistics.


a.)    Configure – Opens the configuration options for Spam Bully.  Lets you customize and adjust Spam Bully to your individual preferences. See the "Configure" help category for information regarding configure options.


b.)    Statistics – Contains basic information on spam and good email statistics in easy to read graphs.  Graphs can be created over days, weeks, months and year periods. 


1.)    Day – This graph shows spam and good email breakdown in military time by the hour.  To use, simply select the day you are interested in viewing and make sure the day radio box is selected.

2.)    Week – This graph shows spam and good email breakdown by day of the week.  To use, simply select a day from the week you are interested in viewing and make sure the week radio box is selected.

3.)    Month – This graph shows spam and good email breakdown by day of the month.  To use, simply select a day from the month you are interested in viewing and make sure the month radio box is selected.

4.)    Year – This graph shows spam and good email breakdown by month.  To use, simply select a day from the year you are interested in viewing and make sure the year radio box is selected.


c.)    Register Trial Version – Selecting this option allows you to purchase and/or enter your registration code once you have paid for Spam Bully.  To register your copy of Spam Bully visit the registration page and purchase it.  You will receive an email shortly after with your registration code.  Simply enter your registration code by selecting the “Register Trial Version” menu option.  Enter your name, email, and registration code exactly as they appear in your registration email.  If any of these are different, it will not accept your registration.  For more information on entering your registration code see the "Install and Setup" help category.


d.)    Check for updates – This will check for whether there is a newer version of Spam Bully available for download. 


e.)    Report Bug – This will allow you to send an email straight to the Spam Bully programmers regarding a potential bug.  All emails are reviewed by the programmers and if necessary a new version may be uploaded with a fix.  Do not expect a reply if submitting a bug in this way.  If you need to receive a reply, please submit the bug to our contact form or our forum.


f.)      Recommend to a friend – Provides a preformatted email telling your friend or family member a little about Spam Bully.  Just enter their email and hit send.  This email is sent directly from you.  Feel free to edit the message in any way you wish.  We do not collect any information or email addresses through this option. It is just a quick way to send an email message to your friends or family members who may benefit from Spam Bully.


g.)    Visit Website – Takes you straight to the front page of the Spam Bully website.


h.)    Help Forum – Takes you to the Help Forum section of the Spam Bully website.  You can ask questions and search for answers that may have already been asked by a user previously.


i.)      Contact Us – Takes you to an online contact form where you can ask us a question.  A trained technical support representative will answer your question in a timely fashion.


j.)    Help – Takes you to the Help section of the Spam Bully website.  In addition to the help files, there is an online forum where you can ask questions.  There is also a knowledge base and a way to search through all online help for a fast answer to your question.


k.)    About – Shows some information about Spam Bully including version number.  Also shows your operating system and the version of your Outlok or Outlook Express.


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