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Delete Spam

Delete Spam – (Outlook Only) Allows you to set the time frame for deleting messages in you Spam folder.  It also allows you to decide whether you would rather store the incoming spam messages in the Deleted Items folder.  (NOTE: Do not set the amount of days to automatically delete the messages to a time period less than you regularly check the spam folder.  It is always a wise idea to review the contents of the Spam folder before deleting it.  Failure to review the Spam folder could result in the deletion of mail that you consider good if Spam Bully has made a mistake in its classification. By reviewing your Spam folder, you can always highlight a misclassified email and mark it as Not Spam.)


a.)    Number of days to wait for challenge response – Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of days for Spam Bully to wait for users to respond to challenge response emails.  After the configured number of days Spam Bully will no longer keep information about the challenge email that was sent out.


b.)    Remove spam older than – This option when checked, will automatically move spam messages from the “Spam” folder that are older than the number of days you have selected with the menu slider to the "Deleted Items" folder . 


c.)    Move spam to Spam Folder – When this option is selected spam messages are moved into a special Spam folder.


d.)    Move spam to Deleted Items Folder - When this option is selected spam messages are moved into the Deleted Items folder.



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