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Mail I send to myself is tagged as spam. What is wrong?

Spammers have recently been sending out a new type of spam message where the "from" and "to" addresses are the same.  This allows for mail to easily bypass a filter if your from address was in your Allow list.  It would be automatically added if you ever sent an email to yourself.

To solve this, we have come up with a special check for your own email address where we compare your name when you send out emails and also your email address.  Chances are spammers will not have both of these pieces of information.  But since you are sending mail to yourself, it will always get through. 

The only time this can pose an issue is when you are checking multiple accounts on different computers and you are sending yourself mail on one computer and retrieving it on another computer and your "from" name is not the exact same on both computers. 

To solve this problem make sure your contact name is the same on both computers.

You also need to make sure your name appears in the Allow list and the Name field in the friends list exactly matches the Name you send out your emails with.  If you don't know what this is, you can send an email to yourself and see what name appears in the From column.

(NOTE: if only an email address appears, you do not have this attribute set in your email settings of your email client. 

Go to Tools > Accounts > Properties in Outlook Express and set your "Name" field. 

In Outlook go to Tools > Email Accounts > View or change existing email accounts > Change > and change the "Your Name" field. 

Then add this same name and email to your Allow list.)

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