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Spam - The Spam button on the toolbar allows you to mark the selected message as spam. (To change the default action of the spam button hold down the "CTRL" key and select the options you want set as default then click set as default to apply the actions.  If you wish to apply changes to only the current message just make your changes and select the "Ok" button.)



a.) Don't add email address to Block list  - Will prevent SpamBully from adding the selected email to the Block list.


b.) Add email address to Block list - This will add the email address of the selected message to your Block list.  In the future emails from this user will be instantly moved to the Spam folder.


c.) Add email domain to Block list - This will add an entire domain name of the email address of the selected message to your Block list.  In the future emails from this domain will be blocked. (For example: If you receive a message from and you wanted to block all emails from any user at to be blocked by the filter, you could add the entire domain to the Block list by selecting this option.  Now any email address from domain will be instantly moved to the spam folder.


d.) Don't move message - Will leave the message in its current folder when the Spam button is selected.


e.) Move message to Spam folder - Will move the message to your Spam folder when the Spam button is selected.


f.) Delete message - Will instantly delete the selected message.


g.) Learn from message - Will allow the SpamBully Bayesian filter to learn from the selected message.  This is useful for training the filter to your email.


h.) Mark message as read - Will mark the selected message as read.


i.) Add to Ignored Domains list - Will add the selected domain to the ignored domains list. This is a special feature when using the bypass IE history domains and bypass IE favorites domains.  By default any domain you have visited that appears in the history is allowed to bypass the spam filter.  This can create a problem because many popular sites like yahoo are also used as spam email addresses yet these addresses are likely to appear in your history or favorites.  So you wouldn't want every message from certain popular domains to bypass your filter.  This is where the ignore domains option comes in handy.  It allows you to tell SpamBully to ignore certain domains from being allowed to automatically bypass the filter that you have visited recently or are in your favorites list.  It includes a list of the most common domains that a user would want to ignore.  In addition any messages you mark as spam in the future will also be put on the ignore domains list.  This prevents them from being able to bypass the filter ever again using the bypass Favorites and History option.


j.) Remove email address from Allow List- If the email address existed in your Allow list it will be removed from your Allow list.


k.) Send Bounce message- Will send a bounce message for the selected message.


l.) Punish Sender- Will punish the selected email. Punish loads the web pages in a spam email message a certain number of times.  Since nothing is being bought from these visits it could minimally increase the bandwidth costs to the spammer without any increase in revenue.


m.) Unsubscribe- If there is an unsubscribe email in the headers it will send an unsubscribe message to the specified email address.  This is useful mostly for certain newsletters that you may want to be removed from.  It will only attempt to remove you if there is an unsubscribe header link.





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