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Train - Allows you to teach the Bayesian filter what you consider good messages and what you consider spam.  Bayesian filters work by looking at the words that are used in spam emails and good email and then classifying the email based on the words that these emails contain.  There are certain words that tend to comprise spam emails and also certain words that tend to comprise your good emails.  By analyzing these patterns, SpamBully can route spam messages to the Spam folder.Use the "Browse" button to select the folders you wish to learn as good and then select your spam folders.  Be sure each folder you select contains ONLY good or ONLY spam messages respectively.  SpamBully achieves optimal performance by learning between 2000-4000 messages of each type to be effectively trained.  Usually, it is best to use equal amounts of spam and good messages. 

Empty the current bayesian filter before starting -  This will remove all of the current training before starting. 

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