SpamBully toolbar or buttons have disappeared in Outlook. How do I fix it?

These are the possible solutions to this problem. Listed in order of most common solution to rarest solution.


It is possible you somehow disabled SpamBully.

Have a look in outlook.  Help menu>About Microsoft Outlook>Disabled Items make sure Spam Bully is not disabled.

Also try going to Windows Start Menu>Spam Bully for Outlook Menu>Enable Spam Bully.

Then right click on the outlook top menu, make sure Spam Bully is listed and checked there.


Then make sure you have installed all of the latest service packs for Office.



Next do a complete uninstall of SpamBully for Outlook and make sure you reinstall the latest version.

1. Download and run this program. It will completely remove the current version of SpamBully.

2. Shutdown and restart.

3. Then download the latest version from and install SpamBully.

Make sure Outlook is closed while you do this



If you still have problems it may be that a file in Outlook has become corrupted.

Do a search for the file outcmd.dat.  When you find this file with outlook CLOSED,  rename this file to something else.  Then when you reopen outlook it should automatically receate this file. 

To prevent possible future corruption of this file, it is best not to move items around on the outlook toolbar and also don't hit those little down arrows which appear at the end of some toolbar lines.


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