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Allow/Block List:


Effectiveness: High


Advantages: Allows certain messages that have a word, phrase, email address, domain, or ip address that appear in the header or body of the message to bypass SpamBully when you add them to your Allow list.  Messages containing words, phrases, email addresses, domains, or ip addresses can be blocked from your Inbx automatically as well when you add them to your Block list.


How it works:  After you have added a word, phrase, domain or email address to your Allow/Block list, any message containing that word/phrase will be allowed to pass through SpamBully if added to your Allow list and make it to your Inbox or blocked if added to your Block list and sent your the Spam folder.  This can decrease false positives and increase the accuracy of classifying spam. You can also add the wild card character * to any entry to handle basic pattern matching. For example adding * as an email address to your allow list would allow any email from to automatically bypass SpamBully and go to your Inbox.  Your Contacts in Outlook or Outlook Express as well as any users you have replied to in the past are automatically considered as good emails by default and allowed to pass through SpamBully and are allowed to your Inbox.  


Limitations: Word phrases to allow or block messages must be carefully chosen so that only the proper messages are allowed or blocked by the word or phrase. If you pick a common word which also appears in spam messages to your allow list you may let through unnecessary spam that normally would have been blocked.


Recommendations:  We recommend enabling this filter for almost all users.  Be careful with the word phrases you put in your Allow list so you don't accidentally allow spam messages through.

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