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Email Details Button


Email Details Contains detailed information about the selected email.  The information contained includes:  information on why the message was blocked or allowed, the ability to correct miscategorized messages, the sender's IP address, country, language, Bayesian rank and the ability to report the spammers.


Filtering Details - Shows you why a message was or wasn't marked as spam and which filter within SpamBully identified the message.  If there is a problem you can use the Spam or Not Spam buttons to retrain the filter on the selected message.



Message Source - shows the headers and body of the message.  you can view either the text of the message or the html source.



  Bayesian Rank See the words that were used by SpamBully to identify the message along with each words rank.



Delivery Path - shows the path taken by the message and the location of where the message originated.




Analyze Origin - analyzes where the message came from and finds out detailed information about the originating server.



Report as Spam - allows you to report the message as spam to the spammers server and to the FTC.


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