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SpamBully 3 Menu


SpamBully 3 menu


Options - Configure various settings within SpamBully. Lets you customize and adjust SpamBully to your individual preferences. See the "Options" help category for information regarding options.

Statistics - Provides statistical information to track your progress in your battle against spam.

Run wizard - Allows you to re-run the Setup Wizard that appears when starting SpamBully for the first time.

Register - Allows you to enter your registration code for SpamBully.  Your registration code can be purchased by visiting the SpamBully website at

Recommend to a friend - Send a message to a friend letting them know about SpamBully.

Contact SpamBully - Contact SpamBully with any questions or problems you may have related to SpamBully.

Help - Displays online help available for SpamBully.

Forum - Community message board to ask questions about SpamBully.

Report a bug - Report a bug directly to SpamBully technical support.

Check for Updates - Checks to see if there are any newer versions of SpamBully available and optionally upgrade to the latest version.

About SpamBully - Shows various information about SpamBully including the version number of the software.


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