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Spam Bully Features Overview

New Features for Spam Bully 4

Delete Spam: Automatically delete your spam messages so you never have to see any spam messages.  Optionally you can also delete known spam off of your server.


Block Countries (updated) - Has been integrated into the bayesian filter so users no longer have to manually configure it.



Delete Spam Messages (Updated) - Improved handling of deleting spam messages.  Decide how long you want spam messages to stay in SpamBully's Spam folder before they are automatically deleted. (Outlook Express version can redirect messages to the deleted items folder where they can then be deleted automatically through settings in Outlook Express)

Improved User Interface - Simplified and improved email list management and toolbar buttons.  Improved icon design. Improved configuration menu.  Customize the SpamBully toolbar to only show the features that are most important to you.


Plus the original version 1 and 2 features

Bayesian Spam Filtering - SpamBully utilizes a Bayesian filter which intelligently analyzes your good email and spam messages looking for word patterns that help it determine whether a message is legitimate or spam.

Bounce  - Bounce back known spam messages, so over time you are automatically removed from many spam lists. Spammers think they no longer have a valid email address and may remove your name.

Challenge Emails - Email messages that pass through the Bayesian filter but are not yet in your friends list can be sent a special  message with a unique password in it. Since most spammers use automated systems, they will not respond. However, a legitimate email user will respond and correctly input the password and is then added to your Allow list and their email will make it into your Inbox.

Automatic Integration into Outlook and Outlook Express - SpamBully is designed to integrate into Outlook and Outlook Express so there is no new program to learn for sending and receiving your email.

RBL Servers - Checks Realtime Blackhole Lists looking for open relay servers which are responsible for sending numerous spam messages.

Punish - Loads the web pages in a spam email message a certain number of times.  Since nothing is being bought from these visits it could minimally increase the bandwidth costs to the spammer without any increase in revenue. 

Report as Spam:  This sends a letter of complaint to the FTC, the spammers ISP and advertisers the spammer is promoting to hopefully get them banned or even investigated.

Forward good mail:  Send only your good messages to any email address including a cellphone email address.

Out of Office notification:  Send a message to only people on your Allow or Contacts list letting them know when you are on vacation or away from your office.

Allow/Block List (updated) - Allow certain words, phrases, email addresses, domains, or IP addresses to be automatically allowed or blocked from your Inbox. 

Email Details: (updated)- Learn detailed information about each email you receive including the originating IP address, originating country, character set/language, and the rank from the Bayesian filter. Tells you why a message was or wasn't blocked and how to correct this in the future. See the Bayesian rank and the words used to categorize the message.  Look up information about your message.

Train Filter (Updated) - Helps you train and better manage SpamBully's Bayesian filters.

Check for Updates (updated) - Automatically checks for new versions of SpamBully and upgrade to the new version if you wish.

Help (Updated) - Detailed easy to use help files including easy to follow interactive tutorials.

Block Languages (updated) - Has been integrated into the bayesian filter so users no longer have to manually configure it.

Spam Statistics and Graphing (Updated) - Numerous new graphs, including country breakout, top lists, bayesian rank analysis, and summary statistics.

Multi Language Support - Customize SpamBully's interface and filter to be in your own language (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, more)

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