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Topics in the Troubleshooting category
A friend or company email is being incorrectly categorized as spam. How do I fix it?
The first step is to see why a message was or wasn't moved to the Spam folder.  There is a button in SpamBully toolbar called Email Details.  Email D...

A Newsletter is being miscategorized as spam. How do I fix it?
The first step is to see why a message was or wasn't moved to the Spam folder.  There is a button in Spam Bully called "Email Details".  Email Details w...

Bounce isn't working for me, how do I fix it?
Don't confuse Bounce not working with not being removed from a spammers list.  Many spammers use fake email addresses or don't check their emails.  Even if spammer...

I am checking an Exchange, IMAP, or Hotmail Account and having problems. How do I fix it?
Exchange, IMAP and Hotmail support are an Outlook only feature. If you need this functionality in Outlook Express you will need to use SpamBully 2. You can download it from: ...

I am getting error messages. My email program is shutting down or acting erratically. What is wrong?
1. See what version of Spam Bully you have.  Go up to the SpamBully toolbar, click where it says SpamBully 4. Pull down to  About See if your version # is th...

I am having a problem with SpamBully. How do I fix it?
First, make sure your specific question has not been specifically addressed in the Troubleshooting section of Help.

I can see the SpamBully toolbar in Outlook Express, but my messages are not being filtered. How do I fix it?
1. Try to delete the Spam folder.  First, make sure you don't have any important email in the Spam folder.  Then, delete this folder by highlighting it in the folde...

I can't access a mail folder or SpamBully is no longer moving mail with the Spam button. What is wrong?
Outlook You have a corrupt mail folder most likely.  In Outlook go to Help > Detect and Repair and run this and see if it helps.  There is a special advanced w...

I Can't Install SpamBully, I am receiving error messages. How do I fix it?
If it doesn't work you may want to try redownloading SpamBully as it is possible it was corrupted during the download. The second time you download it, download it ...

I lost my registration code. What do I do?
You can retrieve your SpamBully  registration code from: .  When entering your registration code, it is recommend...

I recently upgraded to Office Service Pack 3 (SP3) in Outlook XP/2002 and a Popup keeps occurring on each mail check. How do I fix it?
You can update to the latest version of Spam Bully here which fixes the problem. If you are using Spam Bully 1, download the lates...

I'm using Outlook and while SpamBully is correctly identifying spam, it isn't moving them into the Spam folder.
This can occur when you sort messages with message Rules out of the Inbox in Outlook and SpamBully does not get a chance to review those messages. To solve this, you can add...

Mail I send to myself is tagged as spam. What's wrong?
Spammers have recently been sending out a new type of spam message where the "from" and "to" addresses are the same.  This allows for mail to easily bypass a filter i...

My registration code is not working. What's wrong?
In order for your registration code to be accepted successfully you must connect successfully with our registration database for SpamBully. (NOTE: SpamBully 1,2,3 and 4 regis...

SpamBully is not properly filtering my email, I am getting too many false positives or negatives, how do I retrain my filter?
The first step is to see why a message was or wasn't moved to the Spam folder.  There is a button in SpamBully called Email Details.  Email Details will e...

SpamBully toolbar or buttons have disappeared in Outlook. How do I fix it?
These are the possible solutions to this issue. Listed in order of most common solution to rarest solution. 1. It is possible you somehow disabled SpamBully. Have a look i...