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Topics in the Options category
Away Message
Away Message - Set a message to send to all email considered good by SpamBully.  This is useful for when you are away from your computer or on vacation.  It also all...

Bayesian Filter
Bayesian Filter Settings - Allows you to adjust the filter sensitivity of the Bayesian filter.  Move the sliders to change the sensitivity of the filter for spam, unsure ...

Bounce Email
Bounce Email Allows you to make adjustments to the bounce message that is sent.  It is not necessary to edit this option, but is made available to advanced users who li...

Challenge Email
Challenge Email Is an email that is sent to an unknown user that has passed through SpamBully's Bayesian filter but is not yet in your Allow list or Contacts.  An emai...

Check Additional Folders
Check Folders   Allows you to set the folders other than your Inbox to be checked on each send and receive that Outlook or Outlook Express performs.  This is p...

Customize Filter
     a.) Spammers Trick - This checks for whether the from: and to: address matches, if it does it then looks at the name field of the user to make su...

Delete Spam
Delete Spam allows you to set Spambully to automatically clear your spam folder.  Messages in the spam folder are checked for deletion each time spambully is opened....

General Allows you to configure general miscellaneous settings in SpamBully.     a.)    Bounce mail from known spammers   Automatically bou...

RBL Filter
RBL Filter - Allows you to configure Realtime Blackhole Lists which look for open relay servers which are responsible for sending a lot of the spam messages you may be re...

Report Spam
Report Spam - Allows you to change the message text that is appended to the default Report as Spam option in Email Details. To report a message as spam - Highligh...

Set Folders
Set Folders - Allows you to set the location for various folders that SpamBully creates.  There are three folder settings that can be set and changed.  To change the...

User Interface
User Interface Allows you to make changes to the default language and the buttons on the main SpamBully toolbar.  SpamBully supports multiple languages for the interfac...