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Topics in the Usage category
Allow/Block List
  Allow/Block List  Lets you add words, phrases, email addresses, domains, and IP addresses that are always to be allowed or to be always blocked to yo...

Email Details Button
  Email Details Contains detailed information about the selected email.  The information contained includes:  information on why the message was block...

Empty Spam Folder
Empty Spam Folder will instantly delete all messages in your spam folder. Check the spam folder before deleting your messages.  Once they have been deleted you will be un...

Fight Back
  Fight Back - The Fight Back button on the toolbar allows you punish, bounce or report the selected message. (To change the default action of the&...

Not Spam Button
  Not Spam - The Not Spam button on the toolbar allows you to mark the selected email as good. (To change the default action of the Not Spam button hold down the ...

Scan Folder Button
Scan Folder - Processes the selected folder for spam, good, and unsure messages.  You can optionally move each of the selected message types to the proper folder (Inbox...

Spam Button
Spam - The Spam button on the toolbar allows you to mark the selected message as spam. (To change the default action of the spam button hold down the "CTRL" key and s...

SpamBully 4 Menu
  SpamBully 4 menu   Options - Configure various settings within SpamBully. Lets you customize and adjust SpamBully to your individual preferences. See the...

Statistics - Detailed information about spam and good messages you have received. Summary -  Provides basic information on the good and spam email messages you have rece...

Train Filter Button
Train - Allows you to teach the Bayesian filter what you consider good messages and what you consider spam.  Bayesian filters work by looking at the words that are used...